Ruji C.'s "The Meta-Podcast"

The Podcast That's No Longer About Making a Podcast

About Ruji C.’s “The Meta-Podcast”

Ruji C., creator of "The Meta-Podcast"

Ruji C., creator of “The Meta-Podcast”

Ruji C. is a freelance creator of miscellanea, including text, comics, video, audio, and operating systems. The Meta-Podcast is her brain’s dumping ground. This lo-fi, experimental podcast features interviews with sex workers and Linux experts, rants against Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), recordings of the awesome music Ruji’s friends are making, and some strange audio experiments.

Ruji C. is best known for her Don Depresso comics series and her half-comedy/half-pretentious-video-art web show

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