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Episode 22 (2013-11-21) —

Lesbian life coach and intimate relationships scholar Wyndragony shares striking insights into the “lesbian utopia” of Portland, Oregon. Key topics include karaoke, monogamy vs. polyamory, friendship, and the role of radical visionary Heather Hawkins in shaping present-day Portland. Wyndragony also answers hard-hitting questions such as: Why is it so tough to get laid in Portland? […]

Episode 21/Hacker Public Radio: From OS X to OS Whoredom to Linux (2013-08-21) —

This episode was originally aired as Episode 627 of Hacker Public Radio in 2010. It was my first attempt at podcasting! Original description: Ruji tells her story of discovering FOSS and installing Sabayon Linux on a MacBook Pro. She also discusses Mac OS X, virtualization, and multimedia software. Links: Ruji’s main site: Ruji’s image gallery: Musical […]


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