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Episode 13 (01-09-2013) —

After taking my first class in Information Architecture with DITA/XML, I’ve shared some of my thoughts. Forgive the sleepiness and occasional redundancy; I recorded most of the first part around 4-5am and then some the next morning… well, even though it was already morning… but y’know what I mean.

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  • klaatu

    “oh, did i neglect to mention windows?” lol.

    Emacs + nxml-mode, with some auto-completion tweaks and split buffers is my xml authoring environment. I’ve not used oXygen or any of its alternatives so maybe I’m missing out, but I am happy with the Emacs solution so far.

    Now I’m going to go create a namespace for DITA with a element. And I’ll restrict it so that it it can only contain four-letter words as its content.


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