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Episode 15 (01-19-2013) —

This is mostly comprised of a terrible recording I made in Windows. After complaining about Windows not playing happily with my microphone, I complain about the poor usability of certain design-your-own-product websites, and then I ramble on about the (my) digital workflow. This episode has a happy ending, in which I switch to recording in Linux, which actually works.

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  • klaatu

    You too can achieve that lo-fi sound on Linux if you try hard enough. I find downsampling to 8khz helps, and if that’s not enough you can use a bitcrusher filter or simulate gsm distortion or whatever bad vocoding technology you’re into. Or maybe you could trying encoding to some ancient audio format like,,,i dunno, realaudio or realplayer or whatever. I wonder when we’ll all start looking back at codecs and find them charmingly retro. Oh wait, I just did.

    • Ruji C.

      Thanks for these real-world tips, Klaatu. Next time I deliberately set out to make a lo-fi recording, I’ll be sure to follow them.


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