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Episode 22 (2013-11-21) —

Lesbian life coach and intimate relationships scholar Wyndragony shares striking insights into the “lesbian utopia” of Portland, Oregon. Key topics include karaoke, monogamy vs. polyamory, friendship, and the role of radical visionary Heather Hawkins in shaping present-day Portland. Wyndragony also answers hard-hitting questions such as:

  1. Why is it so tough to get laid in Portland?
  2. Why are the lesbians doing molly (MDMA) all the time?
  3. Is Portland really a good place for lesbians?
  4. Wait… Portland has a free summer camp for adults?

NOTE TO P.C. POLICE: I’m sorry if this podcast offends you–but not that sorry. Yeah, we talk about lesbian stereotypes, and yeah, we claim there’s some truth in them. And yeah, we know that not all females who have sex with females call themselves “lesbians,” but we use that word anyway because it makes sense for us in this context. Okay? Okay.

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