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Episode 15 (01-19-2013) —

This is mostly comprised of a terrible recording I made in Windows. After complaining about Windows not playing happily with my microphone, I complain about the poor usability of certain design-your-own-product websites, and then I ramble on about the (my) digital workflow. This episode has a happy ending, in which I switch to recording in Linux, which actually works.

Episode 14 (01-16-2013) —

This one covers a tiny bit of DITA/XML stuff, rambling about cats and Electric Sheep, and dextromethorphan, the psychoactive ingredient in over-the-counter cough syrup. Note: I have retrospectively realized that I misused the word “psychedelic” when I meant to say “psychoactive” at one point in the podcast.

Episode 13 (01-09-2013) —

After taking my first class in Information Architecture with DITA/XML, I’ve shared some of my thoughts. Forgive the sleepiness and occasional redundancy; I recorded most of the first part around 4-5am and then some the next morning… well, even though it was already morning… but y’know what I mean.

Episode 12 (2013-01-06) —

Complementing an article I wrote on the same subject, this episode discusses several places to find free (public domain and Creative Commons) images online.


Episode 11 (12-28-2012) —

This one is about my Linux distribution, SadOS. SadOS used to be based on Xubuntu, and now it’s based on Arch, and I talk about all of that. Many thanks to Klaatu of the GNU World Order for inspiring this post and for continuing to release awesome episodes of his own awesome podcast.

Oh, yeah, and if you’re interested in the GTK2 theme I mentioned (shown in the screenshot below), it’s here: Aurora Deep Purple

SadOS 1.0

Episode 10 (12-24-2012) —

Here I talk about freelance writing and not getting paid for it.

Episode 09 (12-24-2012) —

In this one I talk about the band KoRn and about aging.

Episode 08 (12-22-2012) —

Episode 08 critiques the advice columnist, podcaster, and pundit Dan Savage.

Episode 07 (12-21-2012) —

This time I talk about how fucking crazy and awesome it is that someone would pay me for doing what I love doing.

Episode 06 (12-21-2012) —

This one’s about humor and the tech community (and my weird insecurities).


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